Sportsrooms celebrates Green Football Weekend

Green Football Weekend takes place this weekend and as part of Sportsrooms ongoing commitment to sustainability in sport we will be calculation and offsetting the carbon footprint for all our football team clients this weekend.

In partnership with the clubs we will be recording each teams travel and hotel carbon footprint and then with our partners at Carbon Neutral Britain will calculate and offset the emissions accordingly utilising certified carbon offsetting projects.

This weekend marks the second designated Green Football Weekend where football clubs throughout the country will be taking part in greener games, taking action to reduce carbon pollution such as offering special deals on tasty veggie snacks, providing green transport alternatives for fans, and showcasing what they’re doing to create a greener future.

As a business Sportsrooms is committed to sustainability in sport and we have our very own market leading initiative for teams called Green Team Travel which we have developed alongside our friends at Forest Green Rovers, universally recognised as the World’s Greenest football club, to help enable carbon neutral sports team travel.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help move your club towards more sustainable travel please visit or email