Football Fixture Release


June is without a doubt one of our busiest months of the year in the Sportsrooms office. Over consecutive weeks the Premier League and English Football League fixtures are announced. In the sports accommodation world this means a very busy few weeks dealing with a seasons worth of enquiries.

With Rugby fixtures also released in early July it makes it an extremely busy and productive time for Sportsrooms.

What we did

Sportsrooms work with our hotel partners to ensure that we secure the best accommodation for our teams throughout the country. Working with each teams specific requirements we select the very best hotel options to meet the teams need and budgets. We negotiate with the hotels to ensure the best value for each and every one of our teams.

Having worked with professional teams for years Sportsrooms have an intrinsic knowledge of the best environment for our teams preparations and use this experience to book the ideal hotels for each team.

As soon as fixtures are announced the whole of the team is straight on the email and phone to hotels throughout the country. Once we have the full options for each team in every location we present these options to our teams in order for them to pick the perfect hotel for each and every match.

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